Book Reader

Book Reader

Book Reader is modern style DRM-free ePUB reader app for Windows 8.

  • Support of DRM-free ePub and plain text books
  • Multicolumn modern intereface
  • Day/In Door/Night Themes with selection of Fonts
  • Landscape or Portrait orientation
  • Table of content for both ePub and plain text
  • Pin favorite books to Start
  • Book cover images on live tile
  • Recent books library view
  • Bookmark of last viewed page for all opened books

DRM protected ePubs (like iTunes or Kindle) are not supported, sorry.

And now for someting completely different:

The popular iPhone/iPad educational app is available for Windows 8 now. If you are a parent of 4-12 years old kid, please check it out:

Math Kid on Windows 8 Math Kid for Windows 8



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